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Business Visa is specially designed for people wanting to go abroad to explore business ventures in the form of business visits, business development on provisional or permanent basis. Business Visa not only helps you establish your new or existing business in a new country but it also gives you the benefit of immigrating abroad as well, as it is widely observed, almost every country welcomes and entertains new businesses and accepts people willing to do business with them as they are on a look out to attract business endeavors, entrepreneurs, investors and self employed small or big firms to set up new businesses in their countries. Some countries often have special visas for people who are willing to invest heavily in their economies directly or indirectly.


At VVC OVERSEAS., our experts have researched all the lucrative and profitable business prospects for you. We provide you with numerous options to help you figure out a suitable option after analyzing the requirements that match your needs the best. If you are running a business with good track record, then your chances of getting visas are really great, as migration policies are often relaxed in way of age criteria, English proficiency and visa processing times. We do process various business visas according to the requirements of the applicant. If you are interested to expand your business in European Union, then opening a branch or business in Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria can be considered. If Asia Pacific is your target, then Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Mauritius, can be considered. Rest some of the best countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom have their own individual programs for business people.

Canada Business Visas

Canada is the preferred destination of many high scale or low scale businessmen from around the world since past many years. Because of its location, climate and developed infrastructure people prefer to choose Canada for their business benefits & growth than all other rich countries in the world. Canada provides profuse opportunities to people hailing from business class categories who wish to take up new challenges to set up their businesses in the territories and provinces of Canada. To encourage and facilitate mobility in this category of visa for immigration, the business immigration program is the best suitable for businessmen seeking to enter Canada under this category. Canada also offers assistance to new foreign immigrants under the business class visa to help them settle in their chosen provinces. The application for a business visa is also equivalent with immigration under business class category. This visa permits you an admission and immigration to any territory or province in Canada of your choice. If you are granted the visa, your dependents or spouse can accompany you to Canada and enjoys all the rights of a permanent resident. There are three classes that come under this type of a visa and each of them has different eligibility criteria and requirements that are necessary for the visa application to the suited category. The three business classes that comes under this type of a visa are-Investor Business Visa, Entrepreneurs Business Visa, Self Employed Business Visa.

Australia Business Visas

If you are a business owner, a senior executive, an investor or a high caliber business person and if you wish to immigrate to Australia for business ventures & growth then you can apply for this type of a visa under the business visa category for Australia. The Australian business immigration visa is specially designed for successful business owners from around the world to establish their new business to settle permanently in Australia. There are some categories that come under this visa which suits your requirements and relevant business experience and some capital to start their business in Australia. In order to immigrate to Australia, the Australian immigration authorities have arranged several options to enable business immigration to Australia. The successful applicants who wish to immigrate under business visas are first granted a business skill for 4 years and then after establishing the requisite levels of businesses, the applicant is then eligible to make an application for a business skill visa for Australia. However, in some cases an applicant is allowed to make a direct permanent residence application. The three main categories to apply for this visa are Business Owner Visa, Senior Executive Visa, and Investor Visa. There are certain requirements and eligibilities that the applicant has to meet under this category like- the age, occupation, qualifications, finance etc of the applicant. All the three different categories under this visa type have different requirements. The detailed requirements would be discussed separately in each category.

New Zealand Business Visas

People wishing to immigrate to New Zealand in quest of development of their businesses choose the Business Visa pathway for New Zealand. People who wish to establish their businesses in New Zealand but may not choose living there can also apply for the Business Visa for New Zealand. To start a new business in New Zealand as a fresh resident or a foreign national, people have to keep up with the high standards of requirements in NZ. Those wishing to establish their businesses, as well as themselves in NZ- the long term business visa is the most suitable for their needs although that may not be the case with every business visa for NZ. The New Zealand business visa is open for every country in the world except for Australia as it comes in its common territory. This type of a visa is also a pathway to permanent residency in NZ.

Apart from its benefits, there are certain requirements that the applicant has to meet in order to make a successful application. Requirements like- sufficient monetary resources, business experience, business achievements and prizes and a proposed business plan which favours the law is a must. The eligibility also includes the age of the applicant, qualifications, adaptability in NZ and proficiency in English language. The New Zealand Business visa opens up many horizons for business growth of an enthusiast business person who is willing to think positively about his business developments.

UK Business Visas

The UK Business Visa allows business people to immigrate to the UK to start their own businesses or invest in a business or seek self employment or wish to pursue some business idea in UK. Business professionals representing a company may also establish themselves in the UK to promote their businesses in Britain as a British branch. The online assessments available can calculate your points and assess your eligibility for this type of a visa. Choosing a UK Business Visa provides a pathway to permanent residency or indefinite leave to remain in the UK. There are wide ranges of UK Business visas and work permits available that may be most appropriate for your needs as an applicant.

The UK business Visa is further divided into parts according to the needs and eligibility of foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to the UK on this visa category like- Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, Tier 1 Investor, Tier 2 Intra Company Transfers.

Every Business Visa for the United Kingdom has its own eligibility criteria and requirements.

Some of the general criteria are:

English Language requirement:

in some cases UK demands a person who is fluent in English and though in some cases like for the investor visa, the English language proficiency may not be of any compulsion.

The age requirement has to be met. The updated age to apply for each category is given on each category.

In order to do a business in UK in any of the category, the applicant needs to show sufficient monetary resources with them.

The business experience should be of relevant experience and importance would be given if the applicants wanting to do businesses in UK would benefit its economy. Apart from that there may be other requirements to apply for any of the different kind of Business visas for the UK.